Guide for Chakra & Meditation

**included with baggies**

What are chakras & how do you unblock them?

 Chakras are focused on energy centers of the human body. The Sanskrit term means “wheel” or “disk”. So in short, chakras are revolving wheels of energy & light throughout the body. When blocked they can cause a lot of physical & emotional issues, such as; headaches, back pain, neck pain, depression & a lot more problems. Yoga & meditation are great ways to help unblock and align your chakras.

    I will explain the 7 chakras and teach you how to incorporate yoga & meditation to help you achieve a more balanced & stress-free life.

7 Chakras

  1. Root:


*Purpose=survival, security & stability

*Location=base of the spine(feet, knees, kidneys)

*When Blocked=poor boundaries, anxiety & disconnection from self

*Affirmations= I am peaceful


  1. Sacral:


*Purpose=authentic creation, having healthy boundaries & sexuality

*Location=below navel(reproductive organs, low back & urinary system)

*When Blocked=emotional instability, fear of change & feeling uninspired

*Affirmations=I am creating a stress-free life


  1. Solar Plexus: 


  *Purpose=self-worth, self-confidence & self-esteem

  *Location=above navel(gallbladder, pancreas, upper abdomen & metabolism)

  *When Blocked=low self-esteem, anger issues & control issues

 *Affirmation=I am confident & successful


  1.  Heart:


  *Purpose=love, joy & inner peace

  *Location=heart region(heart, lungs, thymes, arms & breast)

  *When Blocked= emotions of anger, jealousy, fear of betrayal & loneliness

  *Affirmation=I am giving & receiving love unconditionally


  1.  Throat:


  *Purpose=self-expression, communication & speaking truth

  *Location=center of throat/neck(throat,thyroid, voice, jaw & mouth)

  *When Blocked=holding emotions inside, not speaking truth, fear of judgement, shoulder stiffness & tension headaches

  *Affirmation=I speak my truth


  1.  Third Eye:


  *Purpose=ability to think & make decisions, intuition & wisdom

  *Location=middle of forehead(brain, pineal gland & vision)

  *When Blocked=not trusting your intuition & dismissive

  *Affirmation= I believe & trust in myself


  1.  Crown:


  *Purpose=connection to spirituality/higher self

  *Location=top/center of head(nervous system & cerebral cortex)

  *When Blocked=lack of empathy

  *Affirmation=I’m one with my higher self


Aventurine Stone

 It is said that this stone brings optimism & lightness, allowing you to look at the positive instead of the negative.


This is a protective stone, assisting in cleansing the mind and to clear negative thoughts.

How to Use Crystals with Chakras & Meditation

Lie down in a comfortable position and place stone on the appropriate chakra point on your body. You can also put stones in your pocket to help clear your energy. Relax and think positive thoughts, even if negative thoughts come up or your mind drifts, focus on your breath, and breathe in positivity.

White Sage

White sage can be used to clear negative energy and spirits. You can burn this and go wherever you feel there is a negative presence or vibe. You can also say a prayer along with burning the sage.


Candles can bring a calming effect when you meditate especially if you lose focus a lot, you can concentrate on the flame.


   Journaling is a good way to also clear your mind and to also be mindful. When journaling, always remember to be honest with yourself even if you don’t like it, sometimes when you finally face the truth, even when it’s ugly, it causes you to grow and be a more understanding and patient person.                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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