Candles & What they Represent

Candles not only smell good but they also have different meanings depending on the color. When meditating people sometimes choose to use candles to enhance their experience.

Here I will dive deeper into the different colors and their meanings, by the end of this article I hope you will have learned something new about candles.

White Candle represents peace, healing & purity when burned.

Pink Candle represents love, maturity, relationships, and affection.

Red Candle represents strength, passion, independence, survival, career & action.

Orange Candle represents joy, opportunity, creativity & ambition.

Yellow Candle represents intelligence, memory, positive attitude, luxury & the sun.

Green Candle represents earth, nature, luck, money, success, jealousy, & growth.

Blue Candle represents truth, focus, protection, calm, forgiveness, good fortune & water.

Purple candle represents driving away evil, spiritual power & breaking habits.

Brown Candle represents stability, earth & house blessings.

Black Candle represents pride, safety, banishing negativity & protection.

The next time you decide to meditate choose a candle that represents your intention and focus on it! 


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