Take a Look in the Mirror

When we take a look in the mirror we see ourselves in the way we want the outside world to see us. We want to be seen as perfect and without flaws. We must appear to have it all together.

When I take a look in the mirror I see someone flawed with perfect imperfections and I have come to accept this.

I no longer look at that person in the mirror who is constantly worrying about what others think of me and always finding every flaw in me.

Self-reflection is teaching me to accept all of me, the good and the bad. I no longer care or give too much thought when I feel that someone is negatively judging me. I’m learning to accept myself and I’m understanding that when I live and practice my truth my self-esteem soars.

When you take that look in the mirror and you feel the negative self-talk coming, remind yourself that you are a perfect imperfection in all your glory and you are worthy of whatever you set your mind to and stop comparing yourself to others, because you may have no idea what they are going through. Be happy being you and love yourself with everything.

Over time that person in the mirror will finally be who you dreamed of once you start to care for and accept yourself.

This is all for now my beloved’s, Namaste!


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