Bend So You Don’t Break

Yoga is such an important part of my life, it has helped me get my body toned, flexible and so much more but when I say bend so you don’t break I’m saying that yoga provides so much more than physical abilities. Yoga pushes you to know your limits and when certain poses are too difficult to focus on your breath and the present moment.

How I have applied this to my life is that when certain situations arise, no matter how difficult, know my limitations but push through. When life throws me challenges I no longer curl up in fear and disappointment, I breathe and remember to not focus on the pain or discomfort but to remember that with constant practice I will overcome.

I know what you’re thinking, how can yoga really benefit my everyday life. Think of it this way, when you first began to practice yoga some poses were very difficult and you felt that you would never master those, but with consistent practice your muscle began to relax and your body flowed freely. As with meditation and chakra healing you will notice that with constant practice your thoughts and mindset will change. No longer will negative self-talk hinder you because with these daily practices you will begin to live a life of peace and positivity.

So once again bend so you don’t break!!!


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