Crystals & Their Meanings

Amethyst is a protection stone, assisting with purifying the mind and clearing negative thoughts.

Apatite inspires self-expression while getting rid of confusion and helping with understandable dreams.

Aventurine hope and lightness, helping you look to the bright side in tough situations.

Carnelian increases creative energy, introducing passion into routine tasks and restoring sex lives.

Citrine exhibits warmth and positive energy, allow you to go with the flow to overcome fear and anger.

Clear Quartz is a influential “master healer” stone that increases energy and strengthens spiritual awareness.

Orange Calcite enhances confidence, while making a clear path to the deeper meanings of life.

Palo Santo is referred to as “holy wood.” Thoughtfully light stick then blow out flame and let the aroma from the smoke release any negative thoughts up and away.

Red Jasper is a stone of empowerment. It infuses stability and a intense sense of security.

Selenite discharge feelings of peace while clearing negative vibes. To clear & charge your other crystals place them on a piece of selenite for a few hours.

Sodalite assists to quiet the mind when meditating and allowing your reason in life to be realized and truths be told.

Well I hope this gives you a little more info on the different stones and what they mean.

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