Credit Repair is Self-Care Too

Yes, keeping your credit together is also a form of self-care. When your credit is good it causes less stress in your life. You won’t have to stress over bills or finances because if you can keep a good credit score that show how responsible you are with managing money

Here I will give you a few tips to get your credit together so you can start living a financially free life.

  1. Avoid applying for new credit. Whenever you apply for new credit it sends an alert to credit reports with a inquiry. Use credit cards as rare as possible until your next credit reporting.
  2. Check for mistakes. Often accounts that are supposed to be included in bankruptcy will sometimes still show up, incorrect addresses, name or accounts that you have no knowledge that they exist.
  3. Dispute unknown collection or charges. Credit karma has an excellent section that can assist and its free.

I will be providing an ebook that will go indepth with helping you repair your credit. You don’t have to pay big money to get this done. With the proper knowledge and tools this is something you can do on your own. I will also be there to assist you along the way with any needs you may have.

Characteristics of having a high credit score include; low credit inquiries, no collections, bankruptcies, no late payments, at least 6 revolving account & a long history of good credit use,

ebook will be able soon to show you how to repair your credit, including info on how to dispute items and learn about charge offs. This ebook id perfect for anyone who wants to have a high credit score but can seem to afford those expensive deals. SimplyVeii is here to help!!!

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