The way I use Meditation & Chakra Healing

Meditation and chakra healing doesn’t belong to any certain religion. All religions can practice these methods. The goal is to accept you for all you are while continuously growing. I’m a Christian and I’m a strong believer in yoga, meditation & chakra healing.

Some people believe that because crystals, sage, and other items are used in these practices that it’s considered pagan, but let me give you my opinion so you can understand how I believe this not to be true.

First, God created everything, from the crystals to the sage, He created it all and they’re all meant to bring positivity and rid negativity. Sage & palo santo rids negativity and certain stones and crystals clear your mind, gives you strength, helps you stay optimistic and so much more but a lot of people think that you have to pray to certain gods but once again this is not true.

Like I said earlier God created all of this so when I’m using sage or palo santo to rid my surroundings of negativity, I pray to the Lord. When I meditate, I focus on the Lord. When I use my crystals and stones I ask God to give me the strength that comes with those crystals and stones to help me be better. God knows my heart and intentions and how I want to help heal other people. So please don’t stray away from these items because used how they are supposed to be intended and making sure when you do use them keep your mind on the Lord. I’ve been doing this for many years and God has continuously blessed me even through my sins and struggles because I always remember that I have a forgiving God and when I take the time to focus my mind, heart & soul on Him and strive to do better, I know He will see me through.

So with that being said no matter your religion these practices and materials can be used by anyone!

I leave you with love, peace, positivity and happiness. Namaste!



  1. Thank you for sharing I love using my crystals and intense or smudge sticks…when meditating just makes me feel good and more connected with good positive beautiful bring energy.

  2. I like what you have to say. Thank you for sharing. I am an avid crystal collector, in fact I really want to dig for some Herkimer diamonds one of these days, since I live about 2.5 hours away from there. I do my ritual with crystals, my Gatekeeper, my angels, my plant spirits and my tree spirits. I believe they have helped me in my journey to know more about myself and the world around me. I believe that God and the Universe have many messages to give to us at the right time. I share my positive resonance with you.

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