What are the 1 on 1 Sessions

These 1 on 1 sessions I provide can be through email or text, however, you prefer. My goal is to help someone who may be in a negative place and may have been there awhile, to teach you ways to over come. The goal isn’t to completely change, it’s learning how to deal with situations when they get stuff instead of giving up or talking down to yourself. It’s learning how to deal with it and let it go. To not let it have a hold on your life. Meditation, yoga, and chakra healing has taught me so much about me that I never knew and didn’t want to accept. I have been there, I struggle with anxiety, negative self-talk, and not letting go of my past mistakes, but with daily practice, I have learned to no longer allow my mind to hold me captive. I’m learning to forgive myself, accept all of me and take one day at a time. God has given me a testimony and I want to share with others on how I’m learning to overcome, so please allow for me to assist you!

So please contact me via email: vanecia@simplyveii.com or text: 9316832295.

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