Why Should You Practice Mindfulness

For starters, what is mindfulness? Mindfulness is basically focusing on the present, what is happening in then now. By doing this it allows you to gain acknowledge & accept your thoughts, feelings without any form of judgements of oneself. With regular practice, it can teach you to slow down distracting thoughts, release negativity & relax both mind/body.

The goal of mindfulness is to awaken the inner mechanism of your mental, emotional & physical undertakings. Being mindful means taking time to stop & breathe like when you get that kind of text message rather than hurry to read it pauses for a second.

How to practice mindfulness is exactly like meditation, allow yourself to sit in a comfortable spot for at least 10-15 minutes with no distracts & a mind free of judgments

Try to set aside a daily routine but don’t beat yourself up if life happens and you miss a session. Mindful meditation is a practice so don’t worry about trying to be perfect.

Straighten your back and relax but try not to be stiff. Remember to focus on your breath, pay attention to the way the air moves in & out your body. Focus on how your chest rises & falls as the air makes its way to your nose & escapes your mouth. Focus on how with each breath it changes and is different.

When distracting thoughts come up try not to ignore them but accept them, move on and go back to focusing on your breath. Be kind to your wandering mind and don’t get carried away in your thoughts, rather it be anxiety, fear & worry of the past. Pay attention to where the mind went, then without judgment go back to focusing on your breath. Try to refocus on the present, this is what practicing mindfulness is about.

All in all, with continual practice, mindfulness will teach you to appreciate the present moment

I leave you with love, peace & happiness. Namaste!!


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