Becoming a Life Coach

Not until recently did I decide what my passion is for my life. My passion is to help, inspire, heal and promote positivity while changing lives.

What got me interested and started on this journey is all that I have been through in my life. From childhood to adulthood it’s has been a struggle.

From not feeling love and affection from the people who were supposed to show that love to me as a child. Not being able to express myself for fear that I would be negatively judged and constantly feeling like I wasn’t important enough or second-best. All of this is taking place as a child and I had no idea the effect it would have on me as an adult.

As I became a teenager my life changed drastically. At 13 I was molested and raped and it completely changed me as a person. When no one believes you, it’s makes you doubt yourself and you lose trust.

Over the years I continued to spiral out of control, even with me having 2 kids at the time I had very low self-esteem and had a very bad problem with pills. I used sex to feel the void of the love I never received. I was lost and confused.

I built a wall to hide my emotions because I was tired of being hurt. This made me an aggressive and defensive person.

But with the birth of my 3 child, that’s what got my attention. My son was born with a lot of medical problems and died for 3 minutes. This broke me and all I had was faith.

I made a promise to God that if He got my son through this, I would make a complete change and what did God do, He brought my baby through.

After spending a year in the hospital with him I got more spiritual and learned about yoga, crystals, meditation, and chakra healing. These tools have really transformed me. I’m growing in confidence, speaking my truth and finally loving myself.

Meditation, yoga, and chakra healing helped me to slowly tear down the wall I built and understanding myself more. I realize now that I’m worthy of love and it’s ok to speak my truth.

Not everyday is perfect, that’s why you have to be patient with yourself.

Work with a life coach who understands you and provide you with amazing results while reaching your goals.

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