Being a Black Woman in America

First, before I start this post I want to make it clear I stand tall and proud as a black woman in a society that has stacked the chips against me. I will not allow stereotypes to define me.

We are sexualized, looked over constantly but the one thing that bothers me is the assumption that all black women are strong and independent, which is true. We came from a society that made us that way.

It’s has been embedded in our minds that we don’t need a man, we can do for ourselves. This is not the black woman’s fault. Our system made it to where if a woman needed housing no man, not even the father of her children could stay there, so now we have little black children with no father figure. Little girls going up not knowing how to be properly treated by a man because one was never there to show her how a man is supposed to love her or the little black boy who doesn’t understand what it means to be a man so he goes out and tries to find that father figure anyway he can. This comes from personal experience.

It’s so much pressure on the black woman. We have to be the provider, protector, mother, father and so much more!

We also go through our own issues, being labeled aggressive, when you’re merely voicing your opinion, having to worry if your hair is appropriate so it doesn’t cause issues in the office, the constant lack of respect we are shown in general.

Brother Malcolm X said it best “ The most unprotected woman is the black woman.”

I want you to think for a moment and notice something. We are viewed as strong, independent, and in no need of a man. We were not made to be alone. God created Eve for Adam, so we have a natural instinct for companionship.

What I think the fear is is if we bring back the black family, we can change the dynamic, we can get rid of this horrible statistic.

Think back to civil rights days. Brother Malcolm X was an iconic black leader for his people and he always made it clear the black man is nothing without his black queen. He represented dignity and a strong sense of family value and this man was changing the world with enemies all around him and he still stayed true. I wish there were more Malcolm X’s but until then I will stand for our black women and get them to see you can be strong and stand on your convictions but it’s ok to allow yourself to be cared for and protected by your man. You don’t have to have that mentality that was engraved in us from a society that claims to be our savior but also our oppressor!

I leave you with peace, love, happiness, and positivity. Namaste!

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