Random Thoughts that are Running through my Mind

Late at night is when my mind starts to wander and I’m my most creative. I believe it’s the stillness and silence that allows me to let go and be free in my thoughts.

I am relaxed without a care in the world, despite whatever may be going on outside this moment.

See in this moment I am focusing on the present, what is happening right now. I don’t dwell on the past, I accept it and move on.

In this moment, I am content. The sound of the fan is soothing. The flicker of my candle and its aroma is calming. The way that my body feels at peace from every stroke of the keyboard as I release my thoughts without fear of judgement.

I’m captivated in the silence and peace of the late-night when others are sleeping I’m in deep meditation allowing myself to go to a place that is beyond me, allowing me to be free.

My mind is no longer a scary place, it’s a place I’ve come to accept and not let it control me. I do have my days but now that I take the time to listen to myself I’m better at controlling myself.

Oh, how I love the silence of the late-night. So peaceful and bliss.

A random thought that running through my mind.

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