More Random Thoughts pt 2

Another late night of silence and stillness and again and random thoughts running through my mind.

My body is so relaxed and free of tension. I can let go and just be me, weird and eccentric. Right now I’m thinking of what a world without love is because I feel that we are living in a world that lacks love and compassion. We are all for ourselves and me included, this I can admit. We lack compassion for one another but at the same time my mind goes to places where compassion shouldn’t be shown, I don’t have to love people who I don’t have strong feelings for or have done me wrong. But this crazy mind of mine also tells me that I am spiritual and I truly believe in God and his word, so I will ask for forgiveness when I have these thoughts because in my heart I want to show love and compassion wherever I go, I wish to be known as a woman who showed everyone love.

Now I have thoughts of brother Malcolm X and how different this place would be if he had lived to fulfill his purpose for us. I think about during that time, for a man that was once an ex-con, drug user and didn’t have a proper education to reach a level of such intelligence and a willingness to educate his people. He was telling us that we are not violent how we are portrayed to be but if you continue to provoke then you face the consequences of the provoking. I think about how they tried to destroy a man who was trying to understand uplift his people. When Brother Malcolm gave speeches or wherever he went not one time was there an act of violence. People were mesmerized by his words and the way he carried himself. He was ashamed to be a black man in America, a place that despised him simply because he is a black man. What would America be if Malcolm X would have been alive? By any means necessary.

I think about a lot of different things, sometimes it can be negative thoughts like how I’m trying to change my ways but I don’t dwell on those thoughts, I accept them and promise to do better tomorrow because the day has passed and if it’s God’s will I will give it my all the next day because I must focus on the present and not feel ashamed if things don’t go right. As long as I put God first and do my part all will come together.

I leave you with love, peace, happiness, and positivity. Namaste.

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