Prayer for Strength

Dear Lord, I first want to thank you for waking me up this morning and continuing to stay by my side even when I don’t feel worthy. I thank You, Lord, for all that do and continue to do. Father, I come to you humbly and on my knees asking for your strength. At times I am overwhelmed and I try to carry this burden on my own but I know Lord that if I give it all to you all things will come together. I need you dear Lord to strengthen me, guide me, change me, and help me overcome this weight that I continuously carry. What is not for me, please remove it from my life even when I struggle to let it go. I beg you Lord to change my heart and my ways and please make me more like you. Through all my sins, You have forgiven and carried me the whole way through and I thank you, Lord. Lord, I know that through you all things are possible and nothing is impossible because your word tells me so. Lord, I thank you, in Jesus’ name I pray Amen.


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