A Prayer for being Thankful

Dear Lord, I come to You with all praise and glory. I’m thankful for everything that You are doing in my life. When I go left, You oh Lord push me to go right. I’m thankful for my trials because I know that through those trials I’m growing and learning to trust and lean on You dear Lord. I know that when I’m weak, Your stronger oh God. Humble me and make me weak so I can feel Your strength encouraging me.

I’m thankful that You forgive me for my mistakes and allow me to have another chance. I’m grateful to You dear Lord because You’ve shown me grace and mercy even though I’m undeserving of Your mercy and grace.

Without You my God I wouldn’t have made it and I thank you for never letting me go and giving up on me. It’s because of You that I’m able to get up and live life with peace.

Lord, I know that through You all is possible and nothing is impossible. In Your name I pray Jesus, amen.

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