Trouble’s don’t last Always

It seems that when we are going through a struggle we feel that there is no way out. Our mind comes up with the worst-case scenario to make us believe there is no way we can overcome the situation. We get discouraged and give up, but I’m here to tell you that troubles don’t last always, joy is soon to come!

I feel that God puts us through trials to test our faith when He is about to bless us. I strongly believe that He wants to see if we remain faithful and strong through the struggle so that we can enjoy His blessings. God never said that it would be easy, we will break down, we will fall but we have to have faith that God will see us through it all.

I’m going through my own trial and yes it is hard and I’m filled with anxiety but I trust God’s Word that trouble won’t last always!

I leave you with peace, love, happiness, and blessings.

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