Spiritual Journey

What is a spiritual journey? Well, my definition may be different from others due to my history and circumstances. We all have our own spiritual journey and we’ve chosen to take it for all different reasons but the main reason that we all have in common is to get more connected with our spiritual side.

Some may also call it a spiritual awakening. Once you awaken your spiritual side, that’s when you begin the journey. So, how do I define a spiritual journey? Learning who you are, what is the reason for problems in your life, being at peace with yourself & the universe, and learning to have faith.

Many people use different tools on their journey, like sage, crystals, yoga, meditation, prayer, and the list goes on. Some also like to journal, which is amazing by the way!!

I started my spiritual journey after I had my last child, which was also my spiritual awakening. I use my crystals, sage, palo santo stick, learned to heal my chakras, and meditate but before all of that God comes first, that’s who I talk to when I use my tools.

God got my attention the day I had my son. I’d already had 2 other children but I wasn’t living the way God intended me to, I was doing too much and He saw it was time to calm me down. When you have to watch your baby fight for his life and you can’t do anything but just sit there, it makes you fall to your knees and that’s where God needed me, on my knees praying. See, I felt like I wasn’t able to do anything for my baby but the whole time God had him. It’s when you’re at your lowest and it seems like nothing is going to work, God shows up and shows out!!

All I had was faith and prayer but God!! They pronounced my son dead but God!! They said he would have a difficult life but God!! God can take a horrible situation and turn it into a blessing.

What I witnessed made me realize that I have to get my life together, I have to understand why I do certain things and react in certain ways. I had to get my spirit right and learn how to love myself properly. I had to learn to not speak negativity into the universe or myself. I had to let go of the past and learn to only focus on the present. I had to be open and raw with myself and it wasn’t pretty at all.

Being on this journey is amazing but it can also be difficult. Once you awaken your spiritual side a lot of things come up and people will test you. You will fall off numerous times, and you may slip back into old ways but that’s ok because we are not perfect. Take accountability, ask for forgiveness, and don’t be hard on yourself. There’s no such thing as a straight and easy path, we all hit those bumps and curves that pop up along the way.

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