Why Shadow Work is Important

So what is shadow work? Firstly, your shadow is your dark personality that holds negative thoughts about you and other people.

Coming to an acceptance with this side of yourself can be very hard but with practice, you will start to notice the wonderful changes in your life. It can assist with healing from your past and overcoming the hurt and trauma that it brought along.

The goal is to have a stable and balanced life while releasing yourself from the emotional ups and downs that your shadow brings. If your feeling like you’re all over the place, doing shadow work can bring you together. Another part of the goal is to learn to accept yourself and handle negative emotions in a positive way.

Learn what your triggers are and begin to notice what emotions come up when it happens. This will enable you to have power and control over yourself.

When starting to work on your shadow, you will have to ask yourself deep questions and sometimes painful emotions will come up but acknowledge them and accept them because this will bring you peace.

Let’s stop ignoring our shadow and hiding it and embrace it.

This will be hard but if you are wanting to do shadow work and don’t know where to begin contact me at vanecia@simplyveii.com. I’ll be more than happy to assist you on this journey.

I leave you with love, peace, positivity and happiness. Namaste.

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