The Money Jar

So as you guys already know I’m a very spiritual person and here recently I’ve been researching Hoodoo and the power of the universe and the magic that lives within us.

Now one thing I want to get understood, I trust and serve the Lord at all times, and all that I do is to glorify Him but I’m also a spiritual being who wants to have a deeper understanding of what all of God’s creations can do. Whatever herb or crystal I’m using God provided and created it in order for us to use it to benefit from it’s powers.

Now what is a money jar and how do you use it? First, we need to understand money is not an object but energy. We treat money as something to value as opposed to energy shared. We associate who we are to how much we have in our bank accounts. This only leads to overwhelming anxiety. Once we release this way of thinking by changing our mindset you will see how much abundance comes into your life.

Money jar is said to bring financial stability to life.

What you need is a mason jar, dirty, aventurine crystal or stone(any green stones/crystals), a green candle, and coins(as many as you want).

First, cleanse all items with sage or palo santo, and mix all items together excluding candle. Once mixed close the jar then light the candle adding drops of wax on the top of the lid. Sit the candle upright on the jar and while it burns down say an affirmation of the success and wealth you want to achieve. Make sure when you are saying your affirmation that you truly believe in your words. Words are powerful and that is what we are putting into the universe so we can receive the good and positive we believe.

I made my jar a few days ago and was blessed today unexpectedly. What you put out is what you get back!!

I leave you with love, peace, positivity, and happiness.

I am the magic, the magic is me🌙🌊🔥🪶

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