What is Hoodoo/Rootwork?

First and foremost, Rootwork also known as Hoodoo is not a religion, it is a practice, a way of life. When trying to learn more about Hoodoo there is not a lot of resources available. When someone brought up Rootwork, it was ignored as just a silly negro illusion but it is much more than that, as I will explain.

What is Rootwork? It is an expression of folk magick that employs the elements of nature to produce a transformation in one’s self, environment, and in other individuals. Rootwork makes use of herbs, stones, crystals, and many other organic items that can restore the mind, body, and can find resolutions to obstacles.

As I said earlier, Rootwork is not a religion, to practice you can belong to whatever religion that you believe. It serves only to a set of healing and spell use. When our African ancestors where force over to an unknown land, they had to hind their culture. When slave existed most slave owners where Protestant, so our ancestors had to come up with ways to keep the culture alive.

African ancestors knew their herbs from the homeland but learned from the Natives about other herbs and plants. Native Americans taught them how to use and understand them. Helping keep the culture alive.

Hoodoo has been made by society to be bad, demonic, and evil. Hoodoo believes in God and only one God, but also in the powers of the Universe. Most spells come from the book of Psalms and provide such powerful information. Why would it not, it is the word of God.

Hoodoo has helped me grow spiritually and connect with my ancestors. I’m closer to God and with the Universe. It has taught me not to interfere with God’s will but has given me the tools to assist in having a better life.

Hoodoo is apart of our African culture and something we need to learn about. Below is the link for the book that will break everything down for you about Hoodoo/Rootwork.

I hope you have enjoyed and learned something for this article.

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