Going Deeper into Mindful Meditation

Mindfulness is our potential to become completely present and conscious of where we are and how we are behaving. Becoming mindful allows us not to overburdened ourselves with what’s going on around us in our lives.

To become mindful you must practice this every day. Bringing attention to your experiences, whether your mind state or feelings, you are being mindful of what is going on and it will allow you to free yourself from a lot of things.

When we meditate we are probing our minds. Meditation is not freeing your mind of thoughts. Thoughts of all kinds will surface, negative and positive. Certain thoughts will bring up different emotions. When practicing mindful meditation we release all judgments and unshackle our interest in how the mind works. When doing this we come into the situation with kindness to ourselves and to others.

So how do you practice mindful meditation? Find a quiet place with no interruptions, set a realistic timeframe that is good for you, focus on your breath, notice your body, and when your mind starts to wander off but be kind and patient with yourself. When your mind wanders off acknowledge your emotions and what sensation it causes in your body and then let it go and focus back on your breath. The goal is to not allow your mind to overwhelm you. Accept it for what it is and live your life in the present, right now. Let go of the past and be mindful of your present. We don’t know what the future holds, so let’s not worry about it, focusing on the now will help you succeed in the future.

With continual practice, you’ll notice many perks, your attention will improve, you will be able to handle life’s challenges a lot better and you’re able to live in the moment.

Meditation can be challenging but with daily practice it will be worth it.

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I leave you with love, peace, and positivity. Namaste!

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