Crystals That keep Me Balanced

As you know by now I’m in love with crystals and their benefits. I consider myself a very spiritual person and I practice my spirituality in many different ways. First and foremost, I put God first in all areas of my life but I always use the resources he has provided us.

When I sage or use my crystals I pray and meditate on the Lord’s word to guide. The crystals I have chosen for my balance are Amethyst, Apatite, and Orange Calcite. Each crystal helps me balance areas in my life that I need guidance in.

Like I said early God comes first in my life, I just use the materials he placed here to help me along the way. When I use them my mind is focused on what each crystal’s meaning is and I pick a scripture from the bible that references my interpretation. My mind is always set on the Lord.

I say this because when I got into chakra healing, yoga, crystals, and meditation, it wasn’t received well by some people. Especially the black community. If you pick up anything other than a bible, it’s pagan. Through research, I discovered this to not be true. Those items are not my idol, they are only to assist me in becoming the woman God has planned for me.

Ok, so what are these crystals that I’m using, and what do they mean:

Amethyst: is to clear the mind of negative thoughts and purify the mind. The scripture I use when meditating with this is Philippians: 4:7.

Apatite: encourages self-expression while also getting rid of confusion. Meditating scripture Psalm 71:11.

Orange Calcite: strengthens confidence while building new paths to the deeper meaning of life. Scripture Galatians 5:10

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