How to Heal Past Trauma and Free Yourself

What is trauma? It’s an emotional reply to disturbing incidents that happen in one’s life. This can destroy you of feeling secure, stable, helpless, and causes extreme anxiety that is constantly present.

Trauma can come in all forms, from issues from your childhood, events that have caused you extreme pain, sexual abuse, emotional and physical abuse. The list goes on and can have a drastic effect on one’s life.

When we experience this, especially from people who were supposed to love us, it changes our view on life. When we hold on to it, we become insecure, not able to speak up for ourselves , not believing in ourselves or our worth. We believe that we will never be good enough at anything, from relationships to career choices and how we perceive ourselves. At times we feel we are not capable of being loved or making anything of ourselves. Living with that trauma paralyzes and it seems you will never get through it but I’m here to tell you that it is possible! This is not easy but you have to be patient with yourself, this is not an overnight process, this takes time.

You have to ask yourself some hard questions and take accountability for your actions. You have to learn to forgive others that hurt you, not for them but yourself. Let it go, give no one that much power over you no matter how deep the hurt is. Sometimes we have to admit to ourselves that people who wronged us may never take accountability for their actions and if we spend our lives waiting we be miserable.

I’m speaking from personal experience. I had a rough teenage years and it caused me so much hurt. I felt neglected, unloved, and unsafe. I carried this into my adulthood and became a person with no emotions. I never felt I was good enough because of the trauma I endured as a child. It affected my relationships, career, caused me extreme anxiety but I was tired of living this way, it was time to make a change.

My healing process began with me acknowledging my past and accepting it. I gave myself weekly assignments and ask questions that I have been afraid to ask. I forgave those who I feel caused my pain so I can move on. I’ve learned I can love from a distance. This took time and still is an ongoing journey but I am proud of the person I’m becoming. I no longer let my past control me and if there are people in my life that like to constantly remind me of my past, I politely excuse them from my life. I live for the present now and embrace all that I accomplished. Now you will have setbacks and that’s normal but remember to be patient with yourself, you’ve lived with this trauma for many years, it will take time, just keep going.

This is why I became a certified life coach. I understand what it’s like to feel stuck with no way out but I’m here to help you find yourself and overcome.

It would be an honor to become your life coach and give you the tools and help need to heal yourself from your past and enjoy the present.

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