Anxiety and Mindfulness

So what is anxiety and how can becoming mindful help?

Well in this post I will dive into what anxiety is and how practicing mindfulness can help.

What is anxiety? It’s something that lives inside of us and keeps us from living the life we truly want. Anxiety is both psychological and physical, as this is something you can feel in any part of your body. Anxiety can make an appearance at any time and can have effects on your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Anxiety can be good at times to motivate and keep us safe but let’s know let it consume us.

Anxiety is something that I struggle with daily. It shows up out of nowhere at times and it was causing a lot of problems in my life.

I am an over-thinker and when something comes into my mind I play out every scenario and of course it’s always the negative thoughts I’m thinking. It was getting so bad I wasn’t working the way I should, I keep making excuses, and my life was getting out of hand. I couldn’t live like this anymore and needed to figure out what to do.

Now first and foremost, God is the center of everything in my life, so I constantly pray to him but then I learned about mindfulness and mindful meditation and that’s when my life began to change.

Now, what is mindfulness? It’s a type of meditation but it helps you stay in the present moment. It allows you to be yourself and view the world to help with living a more calming lifestyle.

It has been proven that mindfulness helps the brain by keeping stress away and increasing decision-making approaches.

When you’re feeling anxious acknowledge the feelings and thoughts, then move on. Don’t be judgemental towards yourself, this is a challenge and takes time and practice. Be patient with yourself, anxiety is used to having that control over you and your thoughts, so be kind and gentle through this process because it will be difficult but we have to learn to deal with anxiety when it arises so it no longer has that control.

If you are wanting to learn more and want help to become mindful please contact me at As a certified life coach I am trained to help you get there no matter how long it takes.

I leave you with love, peace, positivity, and happiness. Namaste.

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