Healthy Habits for a Balanced Lifestyle

I like to believe there are ten healthy habits one needs to follow to live a balanced life. No matter what I am doing – whether on vacation or going about my day-to-day work – these healthy habits are important to me. You may be wondering what these habits are. To know more keep on reading. My friends often find me saying that everything in life is about balance. Healthy living is the equilibrium of good habits , not something extreme. So how do we achieve this balance? To start with, we must focus on consistency but don’t rush because consistency takes time. Also, take a step back to disengage from negative self-talk and try to transform that into positive self-talk. 

Remember that being obsessed with anything can cause the opposite outcome. Your reality is shaped by your thoughts and when you spend too much time thinking about losing calories, what food to eat, whether or not to use social media or simply compare yourself to others, you end up feeling depressed and disconnected from yourself. Changing these negative thoughts into more positive ones is a great healthy habit to try and develop. Eating healthy foods provided by Mother Nature such as fresh fruits and green vegetables is another must-do if you are trying to develop healthy habits. Cut out processed and packaged foods as much as possible. Think about how you want your day to turn out and do one or two things for your health that will benefit you in the long run. 

Exercising moderately, eating some greens or drinking more water are easy ways to build good habits that you can swear by. Be mindful at all times and realize it’s not about yesterday or tomorrow; it’s about where you are today and at this moment – it’s all about now. Now that we have a basic understanding of what healthy habits seem like and how you can find that equilibrium in your life, let’s dive into a list of ten good habits that will make your well-being a priority.  
1. Change your mindset. Think of your health as a lifestyle change and a daily balancing act.  
2. Sleep sufficiently and in good time. Your body undergoes necessary repairs when you sleep. Physical and psychological repair takes place from 10 pm to 6 am. 

3. Be patient. It takes roughly ninety days to create a new habit. So develop patience and learn to love yourself through the process of change. 

4. Read voraciously. Educate yourself on spiritual practices, gain knowledge about the foods you eat, read about the lives of wellness masters – there are so many kinds of literature out there.
5. Be mindful of your energy system. Think of your body as particles of energy and ponder over what kind of fuel you want to use to keep it functioning. Do you really want coke and chips to get into your system? I hope not because they will eventually break down your system.
6. Hydrate often. Drink good quality water. If you like, you can add some lemon or other fruits to it to drink more frequently.
7. Eat healthily. Consume natural foods and stay away from processed, packaged food. At least, 80 to 90% of the time, your food intake should be healthy.
8. Don’t feel guilty. When you do eat food that is not good for your health, don’t kill yourself with guilt. Remember balance is important so once in a while, you can break away from your mundane diet and incorporate some junk in it until, of course, you’ve mastered the habit of eating well.
9. Move around. Exercise is the best medicine – even if it’s something as simple as going for a walk or as complex as working out at the gym. Your body is meant for movement. Being in nature is one of the best things you can do for your body.
10. Know yourself. Get to the root of why you’re self-sabotaging if you are and foster a more loving relationship of self-worth with yourself. ~Nikunj Verma

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