What is Reiki Healing?

Developed in the early 1920s by a Japanese Buddhist called Mikao Usui, Reiki is a form of spiritual healing. Using the energy that is within everything, a Reiki healer can move energy through their hands into their patients to help with a range of conditions and diseases, physical, mental and spiritual. There are two main branches of Reiki healing, there is Western Reiki and there is traditional Japanese healing. Here is a look at exactly what it is and what reiki healing in Abu Dhabi or elsewhere can help with. 

What exactly is Reiki? 

Reiki is spiritual but not religious. There is no doctrine a person has to follow to practice it. Anyone of any religion, or even if you belong to no particular religion at all, can learn and practice it and receive it. The central premise to Reiki is that there is a universal energy within us all. When something affects our energy levels that can then lead to issues, sometimes physical sometimes mental. 

A Reiki healer has trained in how to attune themselves to that universal energy and can move it from their hands to the body of the person they are treating. According to practitioners, this universal energy is aware, endless and intelligent. The location of the healer’s hands then does not have to be precise, as the Reiki session in Abu Dhabi or anywhere, will mean the energy will work its way to where it needs to be. 

How does it change around the world? 

There are several different schools around the world so the techniques can vary slightly depending on which the healer you are using follows. Japanese Reiki, the more traditional form is not as known as other types as Japanese practitioners do not often reveal their techniques to the rest of the world. They focus on breathing techniques more than Western Reiki does. Those taught the same method as Mikao Usui are more secretive about their methods. Western healers focus more on chakras and meridian lines than Japanese practitioners. They also focus more on hand placements to find those chakras. Reiki healing in Abu Dhabi may follow either but is more likely to be closer to Western Reiki. 

How can people benefit? 

There are many uses for Reiki healing, people can go to find relief from physical concerns from smaller illnesses like a common cold, to something a lot more serious like cancer. Reiki healing can be used along with traditional treatments and care, people should not stop taking their prescription medication or stop seeing their physician. 

A Reiki session in Abu Dhabi is also good for mental disorders. Stress, anxiety, depression, eating disorders are all things that can be focused on during this healing. It can help overcome things like PTSD and insomnia too. People also find when they are having spiritual problems that Reiki is very good for the soul and better personal development.~Richard Conard


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